Supplies: The Arrow of Desire

When it comes to what I want to make… all the things. ALL OF THEM. But let me narrow the list down:
a)a book on Urban Wicca that talks about urban design, environmental impact and living in a diverse community. It will be about harnessing those energies generated by human presence. It will not get cutesie or be pitying because you don’t live in a city.

b)I would like to see Divorcing a Real Witch actually published. I have done my part of all of that.

c)I want to write a manual for handling advanced hauntings. The stuff out there is either dated – Fortune’s relationship to evil is very different from modern evil – or it’s cutesie, Potteresque and ultimately unhelpful. This is mainly because the acutely psychic are rare enough that their needs are either overlooked or overmedicated…or treated as mental illness. This will actually give them some peace.

d)the veggie cookbook for veggie haters still appeals to me.

In addition I have several stories, etc. I’d like to polish up and get sent out to various publications.

Before all that, I need to finish my contract books for Llewellyn.

The best step I can do to make this happen is to do the next step on my Google Keep book submission list!