God is no laughing matter: check in and close out

After a few posts on God is no laughing matter I decided to art journal the rest. I have a few shots somewhere that I may well post. But for now, the matter is closed. I personally think that for me, art journaling it created an additional, unnecessary obstacle. I also got the idea that perhaps this stuff is keeping me from my work. I was wrong. The Artists’s Way books are in fact what keep me working – I am simply leveling up/digging into deeper areas of resistance as I progress.

I had vowed to try all of Julia’s books on creativity, but of course creative parenting presents a dilemma. I am not a parent. I will not be one. However… it may prove useful when around my friends’ children. I can’t know without at least looking.

In the meantime, I have picked up the book Supplies and will be progressing through those. I have even invested in the Artist’s Way Ipad app, just to see how it goes. It’s handy for on the fly notes at least.