Supplies: Enlarging Shrinks

Now Theo can play Godzilla with the remote helicopter I bought Mike.
it isn’t often that Theo gets to feel like a giant.

So, with this discussion about shrinks, it’s fair I talk about my qualified shrink.

Yes, I have a shrink. I have PTSD, for real: I happen to be extremely high functioning. But stuff like Christmas makes me really twitchy and miserable, thus hiring the shrink.

She specializes in creative, liminal people. People who live on the edges of society because a combination of choice and predilection lead them there. I am one of these people.  A good therapist is a good thing. A good therapist that specializes in the kind of people you happen to be is freaking gold.

While I disagree with her on points about neurology and gender – (we’ll both be wrong in the end) I find her absolutely fantastic.  She has helped me identify and work on relationships with other people that don’t shrink me down to less than I am.

When it comes to the practical stuff, she directs me to the big goals. The mission. The overarching picture – and then helps me think about the small details and how I can get them on track with the big picture.

Now that’s some good shrink work.