The Prosperous Heart: 25 Things I Love

I love…

  1. The feeling that comes after getting rid of stuff. It’s like a weight on my chest evaporates.
  2. Finnian’s Rainbow.
  3. Sex.
  4. My husband.
  5. Getting some time alone on a regular basis.
  6. That I’m moving.
  7. That I got to live here, in a really great apartment.
  8. Sunrise.
  9. Sunset.
  10. Fiddler on the Roof jokes.
  11. My friends.
  12. That I’m getting to the point where I can stitch some wounds closed.
  13. That I’m learning to recognize the ways in which human beings manipulate each other, and helping undo damage to myself and others because of that knowledge.
  14. The feeling of silk and satin between my fingers.
  15. Candle making.
  16. Dancing.
  17. Making witchy stuff.
  18. Warm quilts.
  19. Long naps.
  20. Good books.
  21. New experiences.
  22. Photography walks.
  23. Having a good laugh.
  24. Nights of mellow conversation.
  25. Keeping it all together, whatever it may be.