The Prosperous Heart: If it weren’t too expensive

Skipping the “if I were older/younger” stuff. I don’t think age is just a number – it is a rough estimate of maturity/what your brain is neurologically developed to handle (and what can be handled is usually guessed wrong based on what the person observing wants rather than what the person observed can handle.) But beyond the maturity/degradation issue, it’s not an issue. My age in either direction is not my limitation – and when someone tries to use it as a reason to limit me, it’s a clear sign that person is very worried I’m actually going to get somewhere. (Thank you SK for your social violence; because of that, I know the secret of this tactic now.)

The “if it weren’t too expensive” thing, on the other hand, is one I need to do some remapping on.

If it weren’t too expensive:

1. I would go back to graduate school and actually get my degree in sociology.

2. I would buy a smart car or one of those oversize roller skates used in rinks. No, really, my environmentalist guilt is satisfied. We need two cars now. I promise to carpool.

3. I would pay for a proper tech administrator for Fat Chic. Mike is too busy, I don’t have the skill and search keeps breaking. I’ve built it as a clothes finding tool – it’s becoming more like a club than a search aid.

4. I would take that sewing class. It’s not “too expensive” so much as it’s “too expensive in time.” I don’t want to take the time for it.

5. I would take an annual writer’s retreat somewhere warm and comfy.