10 Ways I could be more generous

So it looks at this point like my partner and I are moving to a townhouse a whole two blocks from where we live now. While I’m a little disappointed we aren’t moving to Uptown – I’ve wanted to live in that part of Minneapolis since 1996 – in every other way this place is exactly what we need. Also, I know this neighborhood and cherish it. This means that once I finish this round of Cameron’s works, I’ll probably be closing the Artist’s Way until I’m fully relocated. Of course morning pages will continue – but the blog posts will likely stop for a little while, unless Xiane or Miscellaneaarts feel inspired to start up. I’ve been doing a lot of asking for help so I can do less and thus do more lately – and I’ve been getting it. This is one of the things that has helped me learn how to do that so very dramatically.

I’ve skipped a few morning pages, and been terrible about the counting. I have abstained from self-debting. New day, start over.

As to generosity – I could be more generous by:

  1. Giving myself more time to take care of myself. My beauty routine makes me look healthier in general, even if I’m not necessarily actually healthier.
  2. Giving people the benefit of the doubt a bit more. I got trained into cynicism and sarcasm pretty early in life. I’ve actually left most of the sarcasm behind – but the cynicism is a bit more difficult to give up.
  3. Actually telling the people at my poetry meetup what I know about the local writing community. At first I did it because I’m trying to avoid “taking over” as I do – shadow side of being a natural leader – but now I think I may just be withholding.
  4. Putting more stuff on freecycle. I’m moving, it needs to be done.
  5. Spend a little more time commenting on social media from people I actually know. We won’t admit it’s important, but it’s important.
  6. Telling people what’s going on with me instead of tricking them into talking about themselves the entire conversation. A couple of my friends have busted me at that lately, and it’s true that I don’t do it with everyone. Another example of my withholding/being stingy. Or an example of my trust issues. You pick.
  7. Start saying no to a lot more projects, especially with the volunteer gig. I’m starting to realize how few realize how large the project actually is.
  8. Find a way to be a little more flexible with my schedule for my friends.
  9. Let people know that I actually am a hugger.
  10. Make time for the witchy. There’s a whole lot of stuff my body literally aches to do – a day or two off from “the schedule” to allow for it is a good thing.