The Prosperous Heart: 3 Times I followed G.O.D’s guidance and it worked out well

  1. Moving to Mankato. Staying in Mankato was something of an error, but moving there freed me from baggage that was interfering or that really wanted to interfere with my education. While whether or not my education has fiscal value is a concern, it was my life goal from elementary school and by finishing my bachelor’s I achieved my first childhood dream. Notably only one family member even commented on this, and it was the one I least expected to. It was NOT my parents – they were the exact opposite of celebratory over what I’d truly achieved.
  2. Converting to Wicca. The live and let live ethos is very freeing, and unburdens pounds of “but there’s only one way to be right!” baggage. It suits my somewhat anti-competitive nature.
  3. Walking out on that first job after college graduation. The boss was abusive, filled with female social violence, and she was going to suck me dry and toss me out. I stopped her from feeding and went on to much more interesting stuff.