The Prosperous Heart: I could

10 things I am procrastinating on, that could help ease my sense of anxiety

  1. I could follow up with my prospective dream team of guest bloggers on Fat Chic
  2. I could go ahead and post the Google doc to my beta readers and start the basics of my marketing plan NOW, before I send it off to the publisher.
  3. I could post to meetup asking if anyone is interested in contributing as an organizer. My plan is to hand off the keys once I get them settled in a place that can handle the group’s growth.
  4. I could pick one shelf a day in the office and start clearing stuff out.
  5. I can remind Mike to reserve the party room. I just don’t want the stress of dealing with the crazy apartment manager.
  6. I can pay my bill as soon as I get it – I always feel better when I do that anyway, even if it bugs Mike.
  7. I can make an active choice to be less helpful. This way I’m not worried about something I’m trying to explain or do biting me in the ass later.
  8. I could go to that Al-Anon meeting. I’ve been putting it off because I’m struggling enough with the demons of my childhood and trying to rise above them/be less intense/be happier/more functional/more productive.
  9. I could work up an “under stress action plan” knowing that at the core in most situations it will involve sitting down and reading a novel.
  10. I could go back to my slow declutter plan of picking one section of one room a day -or cut it further to dealing with one object per day for awhile.