Prosperous Heart: 10 Ways to be kinder to myself

1. Insist on one weekend a month that is a 100% free weekend – no plans, no commitments, no phone calls, no nothing. It must be a Friday-Sunday deal.

2. Go for those walks more. I know it can risk allergy issues, but I’m hiving way less and I have more immediate ways to deal with that now.

3. Get in my once a week spa treatment that right now I barely do every other month. I look better, I feel better, and I could swear it levels my weight.

4. Try to get more people involved in running Doctor Who meetup so there’s less pressure on me. Eventually I’m going to retire, and I want someone who is demonstrably good with both money and people management to take over. This does not need to be just one person, but it would be good to have a team.

5. Just toss much of my old business stuff. It’s far less effort than trying to find homes for everything, and I’m struggling under the sense of pressure.

6. Seek out things that make me laugh more.

7. Refuse to do the “if I were less selfish” exercise. I’m not selfish, beyond what is necessary to survive. At times greedy, especially for information, clothing, and shiny objects – but I share those willingly enough. OK, I could flex a little on that whole “no communiques before 3” rule, but it’s a slippery slope all too easily abused – and I like how much I’m producing without the disruptions.

8. Give myself a gentle action plan for promoting the book. I’m getting into brain freeze territory.

9. Find a trusted person to guest blog Fat Chic for me when the book promotion will demand more attention. I can’t pay that person right now, and guilt over lack of liquid income is bothering me a great deal.

10. Put what I really want to do over social commitments more often. Right now doing it against a scale of “this happens once” versus “this is a regular event.”