The Prosperous Heart: It would be fun to

  1. go photograph Nicollett Island. I’ve been feeling like I need somewhere new to shoot. Maybe make a list…
  2. watch Moulin Rouge again. Or at least do some art project around the 4 ideals of bohemianism.
  3. watch Chicago again, too. Maybe have a whole musical theater day.
  4. Make that caramel. It’s getting cooler, after all.
  5. not fun, but gratifying: clean out/give away all the stuff I made and never sold from my business. Maybe do a flash sale on Etsy or something.
  6. go to swing night at the Wabasha caves.
  7. host a magical jam session. No one around here seems interested in genuinely experimenting with magic. Everyone I’ve worked with wants to just do the shit they already know.
  8. write some Daria fanfic, or IPS. Hell, I still post to once in awhile.
  9. take Mike to the Bakken. He will love the Bakken.
  10. Pagan salon night. There’s a damn good one once a month already, but I’ve essentially been bullied out, and I really miss the old UPS format anyway.