The Prosperous Heart: I need to say no to

  1. further engagement with family members. They’re much too intent on a relationship model where it’s only about them, and I’m just an audience that’s expected to fork over attention and cash when they demand it. I do not get anything of value back.
  2. other people’s agendas.
  3. “explaining myself” to any person that crosses Internet platforms to continue an argument. That is trolling, and stalking.
  4. projects that force me to “drop everything” when they are not my own projects.
  5. requests that I reopen my perfumery. Had a ridiculous conversation where a former customer could not fathom why I would not give him recommendations in perfumery – apparently perfume designer = psychic to the point where I should know what a person’s body chemistry will do from year to year. Perfume is a crapshoot. Get over it.
  6. social invites that interfere with my writing schedule.
  7. appointments and phone calls during my writing time. After 3 pm rule only – in emergencies, text me, or in real emergencies, call Mike. He multitasks better.
  8. social invites that interfere with my exercise schedule.
  9. instructors, doctors, or other professional relationships that leave me feeling unheard and disrespected.
  10. renewing relationships where I was the wronged party, and doing it without insisting on any kind of apology or amends. Nope. Not doing that anymore – and if that person berates me about “forgiveness” I’ll know that the person had bad intentions.