the Prosperous Heart: I am jealous that

In regards to money, I am jealous that:

…other people can rely on help from their families.

…we can’t afford one of the 350K gorgeous condos I dream about. (Would love it if my real estate agent actually did her job and scheduled a walk-through of what we can afford. NOT thrilled with the service right now, and feel like she’s a)waiting for the market to go up so she makes more money or b)is trying to angle us into some white picket fence suburban bullshit.)

This is supposed to be a list of 10, and even digging around, that’s it. That’s ALL. Given how my mother and sister can only seem to get “jealousy” and that almost never applies with me because I find their narrow lives appalling –  I dunno, I just don’t want what other people have. I don’t even want what most people want once you get past the whole Maslow’s hierarhchy schtick. I want to be loved and accepted. I want to feel safe where I live, where I socialize, and where I explore. I would love it if I had a family I felt safe visiting, but that’s never going to happen. Money makes no difference in any of that – and while money is a good thing, managed well, it really isn’t what I want most out of life, although I enjoy it and would like to have a lot of it.

It’s entirely possible to have those things I really want without taking it away from someone else, and also – I don’t see a lot of people who really have everything I want. Everyone I observe pays a price somewhere, or has to make a tradeoff, or just enjoys the hell out of something I just wouldn’t enjoy.

There’s just not a lot of room for jealousy in the way I see the world.