The Prosperous Heart: Resentments

In regards to money, I resent:

  1. the number of times Lionboy “forgot his wallet.”
  2. the situation I was in where, because I was white, it was expected that money come to me easily.
  3. my family’s allotment of resources to things that affirmed my parents egos and not my actual interests.
  4. the constant expectation from family that I be the one to foot the bill – even when they demanded my presence.
  5. the complaints from family about the numerous “unexpected” expenses that could have easily been avoided with reasonable, relatively painless planning ahead.
  6. the way my mother used her financial helplessness to bully and manipulate.
  7. my father’s refusal to learn how to manage cash in a way OTHER than a 14 year old boy would.
  8. my sister’s complaints about her financial helplessness when it’s even more screamingly obvious she refuses to seek and learn new skills.
  9. the people that are clueless about the level of privilege I didn’t have growing up.
  10. the people that just casually expected me to have $600 to drop on a couch when I was single, in a new city, and unsupported by anyone.