Prosperous Heart: Week 3 Check-in

Had a backslide on counting, that led to my overdraft protection kicking in. I understand the circumstances that caused it – vacation, medical stress, and generally feeling overwhelmed. I feel overwhelmed a lot – it’s I suppose the shadow side of my tendency towards ambition. I need to make a plan to stay on track when dealing with medical issues and other stressful times. I’ll have to meditate on it – a good plan is not coming to me right now.

Morning Pages: 7 of 7.
Counting: Restarted doing that yesterday. I realized that I don’t really have a way of counting income that goes straight to savings or IRA, though, so I’ll need to sort that out.
Abstinence: I was so, SO not abstinent. Self-debted big time. Starting over today.
Walking: I’m in an odd situation with that. Apparently one of the things causing me to hive is exposing myself to the great outdoors too much. Fabulous for a woman who ostensibly practices a nature religion.
Time-Out: I’ve managed to get in one time-out a day, but not usually two. I’m also half-assing artist’s dates again, suggesting both change and resistance in me somewhere. I think it goes back to feeling overwhelmed all the time right now.