The Prosperous Heart: 5 Acts of God

The purpose behind this exercise to recognize when Good Orderly Direction/Divine energy manifests itself in my life. I’m a priestess, I’m told over and over (though the religion part seems to be secondary/unimportant.) So Divine Direction shows up a lot.

It may not always show up for me – I receive for other people far more than I receive for myself. This isn’t because things aren’t given, it’s because there are a host of situations inner and outer that cause me not to hear/recognize what I’ve received. I suspect that’s how it is for most people.

Acts of G.O.D on my behalf:

The Louvre

  1. Recently, that there was no one around when I almost drove into that retaining wall on 35W. Mike doesn’t believe that our new tires are faulty, so maybe they’re just out to get me whenever it rains!
  2. The timing – when my ex bailed on me before I moved out to Minnesota and my family “put their foot down” and refused to help me move because it was “too far away” (too far from where they could abuse me) a series of circumstances came together to get me away from the abusive people in my life. Someone appeared who was willing to take me out there. There were serious problems in my relationship with the person that took me out there, and I think that was exactly the right goodbye for us. I’m still horrified and disgusted at my family’s reaction to my moving to Minnesota. I was legally an adult, and one they did not support. Moving to a different country shouldn’t have been an issue, let alone to another state. I don’t know where the hell both my mother and father got the idea they could forbid me to do things with my own life after I turned 18, especially since they didn’t support me financially or emotionally. I certainly wasn’t going to grant them that authority – by 17 I already knew what piss poor parenting I’d gotten from them. G.O.D saw too, and helped me get out.
  3. I don’t play the Lotto much, in part because I kind of suspected my father of gambling addiction. I also don’t generally win at slots. But somehow, whenever I needed money, I’d spend the last dollar in my wallet on a Lotto ticket and get a modest win – maybe $50 here, $75 there, to get me what I needed until my next paycheck arrived.
  4. With the best magic, you never really know if it works because if you did it right, nothing happens. I use a lot of protective magic. I think it’s kept my accidents down to minor incidents.
  5. My first night at Mankato State, a guy appeared as I was walking home from the restaurant I worked at and tried to force me into his car. I screamed and ran – literally into a police officer.

I’m sure there are more recent things – I’ve been praying more to find my soul family, and for my soul family to find me – and there are possibilities arriving, but much of it is still “let’s see where this leads.”