The Prosperous Heart: Week 3 Check-in

For the time being, I’m dispensing with the long explication intro. First of all, it’s tl;dr. Second, I think enough people (my 10-12 regulars – hi there!) that read me regularly understand that this is part of my extended work on the Artist’s Way. Yes, I do plan to teach it – it is after all the perfect balance of cultivating both creativity and faith, and it has made me a vastly better equipped priestess than any training received elsewhere. Teaching it is years down the road, in part because I want to go through every single book Julia has released first.

So, for the check in – last week I was on vacation in Gatlinburg, so my posts were running on autopilot. I wrote most of them during the second week of August in preparation. I also have been dealing with some serious health issues, because I’ve decided to make another volley at getting actual treatment for the chronic hiving problems. I found an immunologist who actually fully understands and takes the hiving issue seriously. He’s also the first person to try something different. It’s good, but there were side effects, and I may have inherited my father’s GERD, complicating things further. When you’re having a violent reaction to meds, your energy is not best assigned to creative tasks. Around this was also some drama not of my own making that was, alas, my responsibility to deal with – sometimes between sessions of dry-heaving. Under those circumstances, I’m not about to expect perfect conformity to any plan of improvement, financial or otherwise.

I’m also not ever going to eat an entire pack of Slim Jims in one sitting ever, ever again. I hadn’t done it in seven years, and now I remember why.

So, the check in:

Morning Pages: 6 out of 7. I skipped them on them yesterday because we had to drive from Gatlinburg to Atlanta for a noon flight. I spent the entire week struggling with my new intensified reactions to antihistamines and it was enough work to stay alert even after I downed two cans of Red Bull and broke my sugar fast to chow on some cotton candy in hopes of giving myself an energy boost. (Didn’t work, and my stomach really hates pure sugar now.)

Counting: I didn’t count as I should have this week – I went on cash, and the vast majority of my expenses were pre-paid.  Also, it was my vacation, and I wanted a little break. There was also a demoralizing moment when I realized I’d only stashed $2 in my literal piggy bank.

Abstinence: I only really debt to myself, and I did allow myself a reset week. I think I may need to manage that differently. I’m trying to find ways to afford being social again, since this summer’s health commitment took me out of that stream and there’s a degree of do-over that comes with re-entry.

Walking: I did not consciously walk this week because of the vacation thing. There was walking in unbelievably muggy Smoky Mountain weather. Then I felt like I was lazy/sick. Then I remembered that I have a legitimate health thing with humidity, and that beating myself up about something I can’t actually help is really stupid. When I feel physically OK, I’m physically active. If I’m lazy, it’s because my body is protecting itself from allergens.

Time-Outs: I did work in a few meditation sessions as I could. I wound up taking 2-3 naps a day because of the environment change and because I don’t need nearly the volume of antihistamine that I’ve been taking for years, now that I’m on to new sinus stuff.




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  1. I only went to the Ripley’s mini golf, though I had intended to hit the Aquarium. A friend assaulted a talking mouse at said mini-golf, so I will probably not be returning to that one…

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