Money Drunk Money Sober: My Ideal Home

For this time period, I am working through Julia Cameron and Mark Bryan’s book Money Drunk, Money Sober before I work through the Prosperous Heart. The following blog entries are in response to prompts and experiences from the book. I see this as an extension of my Artist’s Way work. Some of my entries are jarring and highly personal – any program of sobriety and self-improvement demands admitting dysfunction both personally and in family, and it also calls to admit some painful truths. While not everything I work on appears here, a number of realities do. I have a genuine body of work thanks to my work on the Artist’s Way program, and I can’t ignore the changes the continual commitment has brought about. Because of that, I also can’t ignore what going further into the harder aspects of the program – like facing money issues – has the potential to improve.


My ideal home:

  • Southern exposure, with balcony in that area.
  • A townhouse or condo. I have no need for or interest in a McMansion, suburban homestead, or 19th century haunted mess. Save the romance and the housewifey dreams for another woman – to me those things are nightmares.
  • A dishwasher.
  • A kitchen preferably with a central island I can hang pots over.
  • A section of open shelves in the kitchen where I can store and see my herbs easily.
  • A RITUAL ROOM OF MY OWN. Mike doesn’t like this, and he generally doesn’t like the idea of me having space that is strictly my own. I don’t care. I haven’t had adequate ritual space since before I left Mankato, and frankly, I’d like to do a working without having to break concentration to accommodate him. It took me two years to get him to stop playing loud videos when I was meditating. Now I want some designated space, so neither one of us has to worry about disrupting the other. He may have some legitimate issues about fire hazards, too. As it is, I’m pretty sure this is why I’ve lost some of my mental focus skills and I’d like them back now. It would require good ventilation, at least one window (preferably in the east or the south,) and ideally NOT have any carpeting. Built-in bookshelves or cabinetry would be a plus, but not required, and highly unlikely given Mike’s and my shared preference for places built after 1980.
  • A shared office for Mike and I – we like sharing an office, usually. Maybe a library-style shared office with a reading couch or chair.
  • Lots of space for bookshelves. I may be narrowing down the print copy books I own, but there are many I use for reference. Also, Mike likes the books and has always wanted a library.
  • One to two good walk-in closets – I want to be able to see all my clothing at once, and Mike would also benefit from space for an electronic valet and the like. Also, a good place for off-season storage is always good.
  • Adequate, decent storage.
  • Lots of sun.
  • Lots of color.
  • A Tiffany lamp somewhere.
  • An in-unit washer and dryer.
  • Room for technological upgrades -a comfortable media room/hangout/library space for Mike and I.
  • Comfy couches, lots of sitting pillows, a few storage ottomans.
  • Near the Mississippi, or near a lake. Preferably near the Mississippi, though. Running water reduces some issues for me.
  • A basement would be OK, but not required.
  • Heated underground parking.
  • Central Air.
  • Central Heat.
  • Windpower available.
  • Solar panels also good.
  • Enough space to grow things indoors and out.
  • Lots of house plants – every house plant that improves indoor air quality I can get.
  • Within walking distance of a library, a post office, a grocery store, and a coffee shop with wireless.
  • Near the train line or near a bus stop.
  • Very near a Nice Ride stop.
  • Within stumbling distance of a decent pub.
  • A place that allows dogs.
  • Near a dog park.
  • Has a fish tank.
  • A few lava lamps and similar things would be OK.

Probably there’s more, but these are the things I’d like in my home, and how I would like my living space to be.