Money Drunk Money Sober: 5 Financial Upkeep Activities

For this time period, I am working through Julia Cameron and Mark Bryan’s book Money Drunk, Money Sober before I work through the Prosperous Heart. The following blog entries are in response to prompts and experiences from the book. I see this as an extension of my Artist’s Way work. Some of my entries are jarring and highly personal – any program of sobriety and self-improvement demands admitting dysfunction both personally and in family, and it also calls to admit some painful truths. While not everything I work on appears here, a number of realities do. I have a genuine body of work thanks to my work on the Artist’s Way program, and I can’t ignore the changes the continual commitment has brought about. Because of that, I also can’t ignore what going further into the harder aspects of the program – like facing money issues – has the potential to improve.

These 5 activities signify I’m managing upkeep of improved financial habits:

  1. Paying my bills when I get them.
  2. Recording receipts in the budget.
  3. Updating my electronic checkbook after every transaction.
  4. Recording every transaction in iWallet.
  5. Always having a shopping list. (This is also because I am very absent-minded.)