Money Drunk Money Sober : 5 Fields of Study that Interest Me

For this time period, I am working through Julia Cameron and Mark Bryan’s book Money Drunk, Money Sober before I work through the Prosperous Heart. The following blog entries are in response to prompts and experiences from the book. I see this as an extension of my Artist’s Way work. Some of my entries are jarring and highly personal – any program of sobriety and self-improvement demands admitting dysfunction both personally and in family, and it also calls to admit some painful truths. While not everything I work on appears here, a number of realities do. I have a genuine body of work thanks to my work on the Artist’s Way program, and I can’t ignore the changes the continual commitment has brought about. Because of that, I also can’t ignore what going further into the harder aspects of the program – like facing money issues – has the potential to improve.

There is a bunch of stuff that I skipped over blogging that’s in the book – just because I personally don’t feel comfortable sharing that level of detail about my financial life with people. I did learn that it’s very common to overspend on food, especially eating out (even for someone as limited in the ability to do so as I am) and that my set aside money for savings is step one, and setting aside money for debts is step 2. In my case, perhaps setting aside for future debt is a good plan – the condo/townhouse, or to pay down the car. Besides, once the car is paid off that’s money that can be rolled into the down payment fund. The big exercise is a spending plan where you look at what you do spend – and then move it around with your personal goals in mind.  Then you make a plan to change specific behaviors to support that plan. Make sure you include an entertainment allowance. Voila! A budget! You likely do have to approach it like a workout program: it’s going to take some practice.

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So on to the five fields of study:

  1. Herbalism
  2. Poetry
  3. Dance
  4. History
  5. Cooking -the detox diet, now that I’ve recovered my energy, presents a culinary challenge of infusing joy into the joyless. I’m well aware many participants operate quite well on their sense of smugness at how all the dirty people live, but I’m just not there and likely never will be.