Money Drunk/Money Sober: an inventory of debting behaviors

1. Do I borrow ahead on paychecks?

I can’t do this anymore as I am self-employed. I did once, in college. It caused problems later, so I never did it again.

2. Live on credit cards?

Despite spiraling debt, no, I did not. I NEVER used credit cards to pay for groceries, gas, rent, or utilities. Credit cards were used for comforting non-essentials …and clothing. Abuse came when I used them in restaurants, and to pay for other people. (Other people and my money = dysfunctional behavior from me.)

3. Write checks on expected funds?

I would run charges on clothing when I knew I was getting a tax return, but I never actually wrote a check while KNOWING my bank account was empty.

4. Charge basic services like rent or utility?

No. NEVER. I was paranoid about that.

5. Have trouble charging for your work?

Yes. To the point where when I first started doing tarot readings in college I was afraid to ask for payment, so a girl in my dorm stepped in and demanded payment for me. I still struggle with this, because there are people who pay me who I also genuinely want to help. There’s also a Pagan cultural taboo against charging for work – and I’m pretty sure those that came up with that taboo are also completely screwed up about money and finances.

Not all my habits were bad. But a couple definitely need to change. For instance, I will NOT write for publications that will not even pay in copy anymore.