13 Way to Celebrate Creative (or emotional) Milestones


1. Gift someone a blue monkey. This does include you. I have a tiny plastic one on my desk, who keeps me company alongside two Ganeshas as I work my creative path.
2. Stand up. Do a snoopy dance.
I like this, but if you’re not into reggae, something else that works for you is great:

3. Do something messy. Fingerpainting and papermaking are my favorites.
4. Find fuzzy things to pet. Make sure the fuzzy things are OK with being petted.
5. Host an old school salon, but make it a LOWBROW salon. Discuss the social merits of Jersey Shore versus the Real Housewives series. Serve foods that come in a specific color of box.
6. Read nursery rhymes and Dr. Seuss, out loud. (Also great for getting the writing juices going.)
7. Go “run around the muddy spot” (something my mother would tell me to do when I was bothering her.) This could involve going for a walk, taking a bike ride, jumping in a pile of leaves (preferably one in your own yard…)
8. Get those window markers or crayons, and express your jubilation on your household windows and mirrors.
9. Watch Singing in the Rain, especially Make ‘Em Laugh.

10. Trips to the zoo are always awesome.
11. Have a Ministry of Silly Walks pub or coffee crawl.
12. Pick a small business you love and have a whole bunch of your friends converge on the place for a shopping event.
13. Write thank you notes. If you’re feeling really goofy, record you and any supportive friends doing your own “I’d like to thank the academy” speeches. Upload to Youtube. For the love of the gods, turn off the comments!
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