Sound of Paper: Where I May have set the Jumps too High

I really do the “jumps too high” thing rather a lot.  I’m forever setting goals beyond my reach – or, actually, setting goals I can reach but creating a process to get at them with expectations attached that are simply ridiculous.


Fat Chic

I’m determined to use “every note ever,” since I have a pileup of links, post-its, stickies, etc. I still intend to do this, but right now I’m not even clearing my stack of magazines from March that I use for reference. The end result is that I’m burning out more, not less, and I have yet to add any really juicy, thought-provoking content.

What can I do about this:

  • Remind myself that I still haven’t hit my 10,000 hours at blogging.
  • Remind myself it’s OK to say “not doing that.”
  • Remind myself it’s OK to declare “note bankruptcy” at any time.

Divorcing a Real Witch book:

I’m just relaxing and trusting my rewrite at the moment. I have a lot of mental terror around the marketing and documentary stuff.

What I can do about this:

  • Work up some daily affirmations
  • Take a class on documentary making.
  • Better baby step: do some online research on documentary making. Maybe then get some library books on the subject.

Other things I’m doing are pretty much broken down into tiny steps. I learned long ago when working with Pagan organizations that the bigger the step you want to take, the tinier you have to make the approach.

…and today, I need to make caramel. Preferably before my cold makes me too tired to do it.