Sound of Paper: Dollmaking

pic by Diana Rajchel *&%^>

One exercise in the Sound of Paper calls for the writer to make a doll of him or herself. I’ve done this a few different ways in the past – crafting dolls is not exactly my specialty. I have, however, made poppets of myself in the past and so I retrieved this one, made long before I ever started the Artist’s Way path. I decided to get out a pretty wood box that I had stashed with my packaging supplies from my old Etsy shop, and line the box with some satin fabric and a folded over square to use as a pillow. It now rests on the small creativity altar I have on my desk. I’m hoping it equates with a place that is restful and safe – but NOT a coffin. As fascinated as I am with the realm between life and death, creativity is a life thing, and I just want to feel safe doing it.

For the curious-minded, you may find this passage from the Golden Bough about sympathetic magic – which includes things like dolls – an interesting read. It might prompt you to make your own doll with enthusiasm, or put you off, depending upon your mindset.