Sound of Paper: 25 Things I associate with “sophistication”

This is part of my work in the Julia Cameron Artist’s Way series. The work this time is from the book the Sound of Paper. The responses are self-examinations and assessments based on work through a daily series of exercises. While I do keep some material offline as it can be very personal and jarring, I often opt to be fairly open about my experiences, both positive and negative.


25 Things I association with sophistication.

  1. Wine bottles – not wine itself, just the bottles. I think the shapes made are beautiful.
  2. Perfume. I love high end perfumes. The substance matters, but again, I love the bottle shape.
  3. Oriental/decorative carpets.
  4. Museums.
  5. Elegant and elegantly placed scented candles.
  6. Pumps.
  7. Scarves – but only when worn EXACTLY right.
  8. Books; large art picture books/pictorials, classic novels, and even electronic books.
  9. Original paintings.
  10. Opals.
  11. Lipstick brushes.
  12. Cheese plates/cheese.
  13. Breakfasting on my balcony.
  14. Sidewalk cafes.
  15. Antique shops.
  16. Scented candles, with no metaphysical purpose.
  17. Art house/indie movies.
  18. Metal arm bangles.
  19. Orchestral music.
  20. Old time comedians; Red Skelton, Danny Kaye.
  21. Live theater.
  22. Art Deco.
  23. Masquerades.
  24. discussion salons.
  25. Silk.