Riding the Dragon: The Dream Account: a Quick Tip

This is part of my work in the Julia Cameron Artist’s Way series. The work this time is from the book the Artist’s Way at Work: Riding the Dragon. The responses are self-examinations and assessments based on work through a daily series of exercises. While I do keep some material offline as it can be very personal and jarring, I often opt to be fairly open about my experiences, both positive and negative.

It’s been awhile since I’ve done “information sharing” or artists’s shout-outs here, mostly because I’m dead set on doing the work of the blog and the artist’s way continuously. In week 5, Cameron suggests/assigns “the dream account” a bank account/savings plan explicitly intended to finance a dream. This made me think of the SmartyPig account I used one year to ensure I had enough for holiday shopping; the next year my partner and I used it to fund our wedding. It deducts x amount of money from your savings account, to put towards a specific savings goal – when you have reached that goal, you can cash out. I haven’t used it in a few years, but I’m reconsidering it to pay for some writing classes at the local writer’s studio, or to pay for Julia Cameron’s online artist’s way class. It’s an effective system with some seriously good backing.