Riding the Dragon: my 5 secret selves discuss my work situation

“It’s not like you’re making all that much money at any of this,” says Mean Marge. “Really, what’s the point?”

“Fuck off,” snaps Bouncing Bette. “It comes from the soul – right Priestess?”

The priestess says nothing, but looks on, serene. After a moment, Anxious Ulna speaks up: “I’d feel better if we had a plan. I read something about some businesses that have 52 week plans. We’re writing a book, and running a blog, and they’re completely different and it’s really hard to keep up. I feel like I’m losing money just by splitting attention.”

Bouncing Bette hops up and down some more. “Especially with all the wonderful social things we’re trying to do more of now.”

Over-protective Ulna frowns. “I just don’t want to get sick again. We aren’t as well as we could be, not with these allergies, and it’s blown up projects before.”

The priestess speaks: “Just put yourself first, and you’ll be fine. It’s a matter of priority. The outside world will influence you to set aside your own goals for theirs – it’s what’s done to women in this culture. Don’t buy into it. Say no. Do your own work first, because this is your service. The work for others is just a courtesy, and one that gets too easily exploited.”

The others are silent. The priestess rarely speaks.