The Right to Write: ESP Initiation Tool

How synchronous that I get to this right at Samhain (sow-when) /Halloween season.

1. Do you believe in God?

Absolutely and for as long as I can remember. I describe myself nowadays as a Wiccan gnostic with polytheistic interpretive leanings. This means in daily practice that I speak to individual deities with names – Eros (patron), Athena (the goddess I’ve kept working with through this year), Nemesis, Aries, etc. While I do sometimes interact with other pantheons, I’m mostly about the Hellenic Greek model. If, however, I operate on a full-scale intuitive model, God is a steady hum, the baseline of the universe. God = good, which is an unchanging force for betterment that is there for us to draw from, consult with – or ignore. Most people ignore it, even those that have holy books, prayer beads and shawls.  It’s my blessing and my curse in that I don’t really ignore anything. I know that it’s there, and while I don’t physically hear that baseline, I sense it. Sometimes when painful things happen I too forget to draw from that force and listen for that steady hum, but then I get back to it, I remember it, and I’m alright again. I’m identified more as Wiccan these days in that other people label me Wiccan, and I don’t mind labels overmuch – they have more meaning to those who bear it than those who apply it.  I also believe that atheists and agnostics have just as much access to that baseline as I do, because ultimately it’s what you do with your personal energy and not what you believe about how the universe operates that matters. Yes, this God, this good, loves creative endeavors – it’s me adding my voice to that hum.

2. Do you believe in angels or other helping forces?

I believe in them. I’m not always sure they’re helpful, especially when angels bear their teeth at me. I really dislike it when they behave that way, even if they’re not human. Spirits of any kind can be helpful or harmful. Despite entitled attitudes otherwise, they’re here for their own paths. If they choose to help, awesome, but it’s not a freebie. I fully expect to give back for every assist I receive, and yes, that includes deities, too.  I could be wrong about this. I’ve had my trust in other beings very much rattled this year, and that may be making me universally suspicious. Also, people I’ve helped have a high rate of turning on me. This is also not healthy for myself or my world view.

3. Have you had any experiences related to writing that can be interpreted as ESP?

Not directly, no. Not unless you count the imaginary character I had running around in my head for years who I later met on 1st street walking a chihuahua. I guess I’ve had two incidents of automatic writing, except I wasn’t taking over, I was mostly just listening and writing it down. Once, in a motel room in Duluth, I received a love letter to me from the Goddess (in the general sense.) It was right before my divorce, there were many other things going wrong at that moment and I was without any support at all while attempting to corral a group of international students with entitlement behaviors that could put your standard residents of Minnetonka and Edina to shame. The second time was this year, a letter from Eros, reassuring me that “good will come of this.” I’m just wondering if, when the good comes, I’ll see it that way, too. I’ve been on the short end of the stick way too many times with my family and with former friends to fully believe such reassurances from any being.

4. Are you willing to experiment with ESP in the form of synchronicity in your writing?

I’m already pretty comfortable and quite practiced at accepting synchronicity. I can tell when it’s casual coincidence and when it’s kinetic force set through the universe. It shows up in my writing, in my encounters when I get some time away from the desk, even when I travel at times. I’m really all for it if it leads me back to Paris. I’ll even start watching movies in French so I can understand what people are saying to me this time around.

5. Name one topic on which you’d like more information for your writing. Be alert to what comes your way.

I’m pretty confident of my writing topics, and my heart finally spoke up on what to write for Nanowrimo. I guess it’s not so much a topic I’d like help with as it is a concern:

Please, help me manage this. Help me find a way to find a course and stay on it, so that I have the best chance possible of making these projects successful.