5 things that could benefit from my writing and a prayer for commitment

  1. I could get started on that draft for the Doctor Who marathon.
  2. I could start working on that poetry-spell book, writing a single poem a day.
  3. I could write a prayer series.
  4. I could open up Scrivener and plot out my Nanowrimo novel.
  5. I could write Mike a love letter.

I’ll start with a prayer – to stay committed:

In small steps, repeated, tiny
I advance to you,
the God of my exaltation, the God of my heart, the God I love first and most and with abandoned passion.
Fill me with desire –
that I show up because I want nothing else but these glorious moments of endeavor, that I want nothing but to be where I am when I am, that I want nothing but to let me self seek expression –
and set aside the burdensome thoughts of duty.

Mostly it’s a prayer to keep me motivated to write and continue my exercise program. But I can see where it’s applicable in plenty of other situations.