Right to Write: 10 Accomplishments

Adventures in Decoupage

  1. I’ve gotten myself into a 3 day a week gym habit, and sometimes go as far as 4 days a week. I don’t set weight or measurement goals, because I think chasing numbers to apply to the body is part of eating disorder thinking. Instead, I am approaching it by establishing habits, and letting the habits take care of themselves from there.
  2. I self-published the Spellcasting Picture book, and I’ve sold around 25 copies since July. While that’s TINY, given my genre and the project’s complete indie/niche status, that’s pretty respectable. I’m right in that a lot of booksellers/marketers are afraid to try innovations and aren’t keeping up with the innovations in publishing that apply directly to their own businesses. I know the book is going to have interest pick up rapidly.
  3. I’ve really got a strong daily writing habit established. I still do other things, but I know I will write daily.
  4. I put myself in therapy, voluntarily, without prompting from my partner. That’s really hard to do.
  5. I am still going to Pilates. If you’ve ever done Pilates, you will understand what this means.
  6. I finally have every boot type I want to own. Sounds weird, but knee-high boots can help a wardrobe and save money on hosiery.
  7. The neopagan divorce survey now has 160 + participants.
  8. I worked up my nerve and sent a preview to a publisher. I’ve been invited to go through the proposal process.
  9. Not really pride, but necessity: I’m still doing my morning pages. I don’t feel right if I don’t.
  10. I have a fabulous clothing closet.

I have changed a lot since starting the Artist’s Way, and further with each book I’ve progressed through. While I never do the programs in the “time” allotted, I do finish each and every one, and looking at how I used to think of myself as opposed to how I now think of myself… it’s stunning.

I used to think of myself as a person with limited ability – I can write, and perfume, and there’s not much else I can do. I felt just as awkward getting invites to Stitch’n’Bitch nights as I did with invites to key parties.

Now? Key parties, I’m still pretty likely to pass (unless there’s a chance I’ll have a go at Brendan Frasier, Daniel Craig or Christopher Eccleston.) But a night with knitting needles I will TOTALLY try. When I was a kid and I did something that made me look silly, I embraced it. I figured I was already fat, already rejected, so what the hell – and I had the best time, just being me. I could end up tangled in 18 feet of yarn, and I’d be giggling about it.

That part of myself has returned.

I’ve noticed it’s gotten easier to make notes of accomplishments, too.

  • This was my first 10 accomplishments list. I almost couldn’t do it. As it says in the title – 10???
  • The list of where I have persevered woke me up a bit, though. Few people in my age range with my socio-economic background ever finished college. Only as I’ve gotten older have I come to understand… really, I accomplished something.
  • By 5 accomplishments, I learned to see that the little stuff really does count.
  • When I did counting coup, I actually did manage to look over my life and find 100 successes.
  • My 5 childhood accomplishments are still pretty impressive for those who know the context. (My community was emphatically NOT on my side.)
  • By 2010, I was able to write 25 things I was proud of.
  • Just last month, I was able to make a list of 50 things I am proud of.

That’s a long, long way from being unable to write down 10 accomplishments.

While the book in divorce isn’t out yet, it’s in its 3rd draft phase, which is its final rewrite before I show it to a publisher. (Likely more rewrites from there.) People know about it. It’s building.

It’s taken me this inner work to get that outer work finished, and these lists – they give me a concrete example of the change in myself needed to make it happen.