Right to Write: 25 Wishes

071911 025

  1. I wish I could sleep well.
  2. I wish ghosts would stop bothering me, especially my own.
  3. I wish the book on divorce would finish.
  4. I wish I could find a publisher for that book.
    I wish people would take me more seriously. (Really? I hadn’t realized this about myself.)
  5. I wish I didn’t get de-motivated on my exercise cycles.
  6. I wish I could spend more time at the gym.
  7. I wish I were “normal” size.
  8. I wish I had more money of my own.
  9. I wish I could write more.
  10. I wish I were blogging Fat Chic steadily again.
  11. I wish I could opt not to blog without feeling guilty.
  12. I wish to stop feeling guilty.
  13. I wish I were surrounded by people who are supportive of the changes I’m making for myself.
  14. I wish to find a magical lodge or coven that works for me, and still allows me to be myself. I haven’t found one that accepts me AND me.
  15. I wish I had a healthy garden.
  16. I wish my non-romantic relationships had a better track record.
  17. I wish I could just be myself.
  18. I wish all the clutter in my office/studio was transformed into upcycled art projects as intended.
  19. I wish I hadn’t let my subscription to Interview magazine lapse.
  20. I wish I read more.
  21. I wish I had a standing dancing date with someone.
  22. I wish I could get on better track with the whole book promotion thing.
  23. I wish I had more money to buy essential oils and perfumery supplies.
  24. I wish I could make cold process soap in my apartment.
  25. I wish I didn’t feel so uncomfortable sharing and showing that my workspace/perfumery stuff is in the same place that I write.