Artist’s Dates You can do online

I’m vaguely relieved to realize that in fact, I’m NOT expected to write about my artist’s dates. I’ve felt vaguely guilty about that, as my careful recording of my experiences fell off… and that energy instead fell in to my works-in-progress. Now the dilemma of the artist’s date is 1)what can I afford to do and 2)what about when Minnesota just being Minnesota makes it impossible to get out and go on an artist’s date?

In the summer, it can be easy – Minneapolis has a free and huge arts museum, decent mass transit, and free or cheap concerts just about every night of the week in the summer. For me, it’s a matter of motivating myself out of my usual patterns to hit those concerts, and right now I’m establishing an exercise habit, so I sometimes let that go by the wayside in favor of Pilates class or treadmill time. Speaking of – is there a podcast out there that feels like an artist’s date to you? It’s not perfect, by any means, but given my time constraints and basic need for sleep as I age, I can see really benefiting from a mini-fix.

While not full-proof, I have started amassing some online artist’s date possibilities.

I share them with you now, so that you too might once in awhile engage in the wonder:

an online museum that shows some of the great paintings of the Western world.

two words: digital collections

I realize that reading is sometimes deemed within the Artist’s Way an avoidance of creativity, and I do agree with this in some cases. Even so, a writer needs to read to fill the well as well, after that writer works free of fears of imitation. Reading translations of ancient stuff is safe: there’s no shame in imitating writers that predate Shakespeare.

StumbleUpon is a toolbar you can install in your Chrome or Firefox web browser that does the random surfing for you. Once you set up an account and install the toolbar, you can set it to surf only a specific topic – art, design, crafts, fashion, etc. If you like something or want to revisit it, a “thumbs up” will mark it within your StumbleUpon account for future reference. It randomizes surfing to give you a sense of adventure.

Flickr is hard to surf in an orderly way, so you might as well just jump in tag-first.

Know a site that shares vintage cartoons, stocks artist’s biographies, art journals, or otherwise inspires you? Please share it in comments!