Right to Write: 50 Things I Am Proud of

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Wow, talk about coming a long way. The first time I was asked to do an assignment like this, I stumbled because I really felt like I had nothing to show for my life. As I saw it, it was all on the coattails of my partner. I’ve come to realize this really isn’t true.

  1. I have a stunningly successful plus size fashion blog
  2. I am fearless –  I will go anywhere and try ANYTHING once, twice if it looks like I might have a good time if I learn the right form
  3. Part of that fearlessness makes me truly outspoken when it really counts. This is not often appreciated, quite the opposite, but it is INVALUABLE and needed.
  4. I have self-published my own book, from my own art, and I had a great time doing it.
  5. I am doing what I need to do to be well and whole, under my own power, for MY reasons and not merely to “be more convenient” to the people around me.
  6. I have figured out that the people who wish me to be “more convenient” don’t actually care about me.
  7. I can make homemade caramels now!
  8. I’m a fantastic cook. It runs me afoul of female competitive syndrome, but I don’t care anymore.
  9. I have a complete rough draft of the book on Handparting (Divorce) and Wicca – it’s at around 60,000 words before I include survey data.
  10. I went through a first Pilates class. I came back anyway. I’ve been coming back anyway for almost 6 weeks now.
  11. I LOVE my own wardrobe.
  12. I like myself. I really do. Do you know how many rules that shatters? It’s wonderful!
  13. My Pagan Values blog series was really, really good.
  14. I am able to let people be who they are; this sets me apart from many. This gets cluttered when I feel like a person’s being him/herself will lead me into physical harm, but when it comes to the “no one will be injured, scared, or arrested,” stuff I’m pretty good.
  15. I have a great sense of humor.
  16. I have tried a lot of new stuff this year – learning French, ballroom dancing, etc.
  17. My relationship with my partner is becoming more equal and happier for both of us. It’s taking a lot of work, as I am built for non-conventional things. But it is working right now.
  18. I kick ass at bellydance.
  19. I wrote a damn good actual news piece for PNC-Minnesota last month.
  20. I figured out how to keep insects off my balcony without resorting to chemical warfare.
  21. I have a really well-toned mind.
  22. My ass is pretty cute, too.
  23. I actually do really well with my commitment to low-clutter, high-green, small-space living.
  24. I’m doing some really interesting stuff with green packaging.
  25. I’m coming up on a 5th anniversary for successfully running a science fiction fan group.
  26. I embrace fashion – without being shallow.
  27. My writing commitment has been excellent for the past year.
  28. I’ve managed to get a lot more reading done.
  29. I support the unconventional things most of the time. I consider this something to be very proud of.
  30. I can still do more, but as far as home decor that’s a style Mike and I can actually live in, rather than look at, I’ve done really well.
  31. I actually have a good chunk of homemade art up on my walls. Would I sell it? No. But as far as actually doing it, it’s pretty good.
  32. I’m always coming up with cool ideas and approaches to ritual.
  33. I learn technical stuff really fast.
  34. I taught myself Dreamweaver.
  35. My photography has improved a LOT in the past year. I can do most photos in manual now; even my low-light shots are coming out better.
  36. I’m doing a good job of taking care of myself: getting to the Y, drinking enough water, eating rather than binging.
  37. I’ve done a lot of kindnesses for people in the past year, whether connecting them with others or hearing them out. Very few of these kindnesses have backfired through fault of my own.
  38. I am always willing to learn more about just about anything. Presentation may bore me, but few subjects really do.
  39. I actually have an impressive body of written work that I developed in my 20s; in my mid-30s, I just need to polish it and package it.
  40. I love my apartment, and we live here because of the work I did at the beginning of my relationship with Mike. All of it led to this place in the long run.
  41. My blog was mentioned in the New York Times last year. That’s lifetime achievement stuff.
  42. I look pretty damn good for my age.
  43. I am willing to consider forbidden ideas with the same curiosity and consideration I do standard approaches.
  44. I continue to look at every situation that comes my way, figure out the right thing for that situation, and do that, rather than what is most convenient for myself or what protects my ego.
  45. I have managed to live in Minnesota with not only no family support, but active family sabotage at certain points.
  46. I’m nothing like what my family wanted me to be. I am incredibly proud of that, because what I am is so much better than what they were trying to create.
  47. I have learned what “honoring myself” truly means – it’s not self-celebration, it’s listening to the core emotional self, and acknowledging it, and doing what’s best for myself even if it’s not what I really want to do.
  48. I have a great online organization setup.
  49. I am comfortable doing things I’m bad at.
  50. I have truly made the most of everything I have at my disposal.