The Right to Write: Creative Villains

The Villains:

1. Narcissa the Fearful

2. The Cowardly Lion

3. The Patronizer

I’ll show them:

I don’t think there’s anyone I need to show. I’ve done some cool stuff, and I’m still doing it. I would really like what I’m doing to actually register with one friend, but I’m not even sure what that would do – we’re working across completely different worldviews. The friends that dumped me? Part of the dumping was over my creative success, though it wasn’t admitted. My ex best friend from college? Again, makes no difference if it won’t register and she can’t see far enough paster her jealousy to see it’s just a different vision. And I have zero need or desire to revisit high school – there’s only two lives I’ve seen so far that are more interesting than mine: one is a pilot, and one is a porn star. I’m willing to guess I’m on par with the professor.

I’m good.

Still, since things shift all the time:

1. I, Diana, am able to achieve success despite my creative monsters’ opinions.

2. I, Diana, am able to release these idiots to their destinies. I am able to successfully claim my own.

3. I, Diana, am able to use my anger to write myself clear of rage, frustration and negativity.

An honorable mention goes to alcoholic diaper-boy, who tried to be a creative monster, but every time he tried to drip despair and prevent a project from happening, I’d already done it. It just told me he was a lazy asshole who liked his despair.