Writing that would be fun to do

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The kind of writing that would be the most fun to do for me: *means I actually have something in the works

  • A book of updated nursery rhymes cum spells.
  • Poetry, especially of the early 20th century rhyming variety vilified by all of my old lit professors. Perhaps even an adaptive exploration of poetry for spell use.
  • Comic book scripts. I really want to write for graphic novels, and my dream collaborator is someone who has the visual skills to pair to my verbal ones. Shared auditory vision would also be wonderful – a tendency to co-write poetry in conversation would be fabulous.
  • A book about sex for mostly hetero men by a woman (me.)*
  • A collection of my own photography, in a just-for-me coffee table style book.
  • A book of photographs I’ve taken designed as a meditation aid.
  • An anthology of my previously written work where copyright has reverted back to me.*
  • An urban fantasy romp.
  • A spy novel.*
  • A screenplay about a young man’s quarter life crisis.
  • Finish that “family values” screenplay I wrote in grad school.
  • A book on urban, environmentally friendly Wicca. *
  • A zine on how to handle ghosts and hauntings.
  • That conversations with Trent piece I started many, many years ago.

Wow, I could go on awhile. But yes, I indeed have ideas and plenty of them.