A writer is

I’m procrastinating on this task. I wonder what I’m going to find here that I don’t like?

1. Writers are lonely.
Recast: Writers have lovely, active social lives.

2. Writers are pretentious.
Recast: Writers are accessible and genuine.

3. Writers are far better read than I am.
Recast: I am a well-read writer.

4. Writers are NOT artists – they are craftspeople.
Recast: Writers have the same claim to the artist title as practitioners of other expressive media. Writers ARE artists.

5. Writers are poor.
Recast: Writers are solvent and comfortable.

6. Writers are stuck up.
Recast: Writers are fun.

7. Writers all belong to literary circles that never admit me.
Recast: There are literary circles out there that look forward to having me as a fellow writer.

8. Writers are fucked up, self-involved and selfish.
Recast: Writers are insightful, observant, healthy, good friends and good people.

9. Writers can’t do anything else that’s interesting with their time.
Recast: Writers have the freedom to be creative in multiple media.

10. Writers can’t be understood by others.
Recast: Writers can make themselves understood quite well.