Week 12 Check-in

1. 7 out 0f 7 on morning pages. 5 handwritten, 2 on 750Words.com.  I’ve noticed over the years that I often have to repeat the same issues from dozens of different angles but then eventually something cracks, and something new comes out because all that examination at long last leads me to something new. Perhaps it’s an inner puzzle.

2. Yes, got in an artist’s date – a lovely walk in Lake Harriet Rose garden. I’m trying to do as many outdoor artist’s dates as possible after this horrendous winter.

3. Of course I experienced synchronicity and commented at the time, but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was about. While I”m not sure if this COUNTS as synchronicity – I’ve started on a new edition of the Spellcasting Picture Book, and when I opened the file with the original images, I found a whole bunch to scan in I’d forgotten I sketched. I only needed to add two pages to get a slot on CreateSpace, but now I have enough more to make the book really juicy.

4. Issues significant to recovery: Yay, this is my 2nd time completing the artist’s way! I’m moving on to the Right to Write, which I believe will help me significantly in the process of writing the book on Wiccan divorce rituals. I also think the key issue for me right now is coordinating between my needs for exercise/need to be physical and my writing/creative needs. I’ve got a decent flow going on the writing aspect, and even on learning as I go. I also have reason to believe I dwell inside the body of a long-frustrated athlete, and I need a find to release her energy in a way that coordinates well with the writer’s. I did it as a teenager until family bugaboos blocked me (a change in my body signified a change in the family power structure.)  I want that energy back, again. I write better when I’m fit, and I’m also mentally healthier and notably smarter. I believe I can find a way to make it gel.