Sense of Faith: the God jar

God jar - pic by Diana Rajchel

I made my God Jar, sloppy handpainting and all, way back in 2008. I still use it. When my mind builds up into a frenzy, usually over one of those interpersonal dust-ups I’ve never learned to master and don’t have the heart to ignore, I’ve found it to be one of the best tools in my tool kit. I write it down, “give it to good orderly direction,” and strangely, at least for awhile, it gets my mind off the problem distracting me from my work. I’ve even gone so far as to create a ritual around it: at the turn of the Wiccan wheel, every Sabbat, part of my cleansing process includes going through my God jar and burning it off. Often, I find by the time of burning, a good chunk of the problems have resolved either by my hand or by the hands of nature and time together. The ones that linger, and repeat, I learn to make note of and take back for meditation – sometimes I have patterns that need breaking, other times I have some karma to explore.