Sense of Faith: Procrastination

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Things I’m procrastinating on…

Technically, the book in divorce. I’m taking a small break, to address two other projects I’ve procastinated on:

1. An updated version of the Spellcasting Picture Book, to be released for Nook Color and on Amazon. I actually, in the process of scanning, found a bunch of pages I’d totally forgotten I created to add – all I needed was two more to get the listing on CreateSpace, but I actually had a significant portion more than that.

2. An e-reader version of the Zombie Story plus its epilogue/final chapter MIGHT go out June 13th. I hope it will. I’d hate to have to sit on it until NEXT June 13th. But I’m clearing the decks and editing that one as well.

Why? Because these are viable projects that need some work, and are more fun/psychologically easier on me than the great big hard to read and hard to write book. I have been procrastinating on these because the hard work is “more important.” It’s not MORE important, it’s AS important, and harder to do. No matter how fluffy the project, the point is to get it out there.

I’m also hoping to push myself toward actual zine making soon, too. For me the desire always exists, and now I’m steadily moving toward its manifestation.