Week 11 Check-in

1. Morning Pages Report

7 out of 7! Yay!

2. Artist’s Date

My plan to go to the Big, Fancy zoo was disrupted by a lip edema that left me looking like I pissed off a plastic surgeon. I had to take prednisone, which leaves me vulnerable to infection, and also got stuck staying indoors on a beautiful day. Rescheduled for next week. I hope it’s sunny on Wednesday.

3. I didn’t notice any synchronicity directly, but I also wasn’t looking for it like I did last week.

4. Issues significant to recovery:

I’m definitely ready for the Right to Write work. I’m at a delicate phase in the book on divorce, where I’m adding back in scenes from my own divorce and aftermath. I need that confidence boost, that “you may get hurt but this needs to be said,” mentality, since what I’m writing is true, did happen and may paint people in a bad light – but the intention isn’t how they look, it’s how they fit into the broader experience of what I’m talking about. Fitness is also an increasing issue for me: it’s become important on a deep level that I hit the gym early and often – and most importantly, by myself. I certainly don’t mind the socializing in my water aerobics class, but it’s people there for a first purpose of a workout. I can’t name a conscious reason for this, and I’m always happiest when I’m in shape, which I haven’t been for a long time. I just know it’s time, in a significant way.