Sense of Autonomy: Self-nurturing over the course of the next year

Ganesha in the urban jungle - pic by Diana Rajchel

The list of things I want to do often conflicts with the things I can do. The next year’s self-nurturing will still focus on what’s to be done, on clearing, cleansing and completing.
1. I will continue to read off my bookshelf. Right now I’m finishing the only section of the old Testament of the Bible I’ve never read. No, I’m not Abrahamic, and yes, it is possible to understand a religion without suddenly converting to it. Just because I understand doesn’t mean I’m compelled to agree with you, and to think that understanding equals conversion is more than a touch arrogant.
2. I’m going to keep tending my indoor garden and do my best to turn it into a year-round food source.
3. I’m going to keep going to the YWCA classes, as many as I can fit in in a week. While I’m not terribly inclined toward social exercise or social shopping, I do generally enjoy how uncomfortable I make the thin women in Pilates class. They need their assumptions challenged in a direct, visual, can’t reframe way. Also, while I’m not pursuing thin-ness, I am pursuing greater physical strength that will see me into a comfortable and fun old age.
4. The beauty routine, especially skin care, assists me on a psychological level. Something about it counts as a meditative/ritual act.
5. I will start focusing my magical energy on myself a lot more; I think this is the one way I allow myself to be taken advantage of the most, because I find people that don’t share my approach to learning but want to exploit it for their own ends a bit too often.