5 Ways I Plan to Nurture Myself

060110 057  - Summer Scenes Northeast Minneapolis
Over the next 6 months, I intend to do the following to continue to nurture myself and my artist:

  1. I’ve already put this in action – cook ahead for the week every Sunday. I have healthy, creative meals on hand, and I can keep my hands free the rest of the week to work on my other pursuits. My spouse has already agreed to pitch in on a new division of housework that also reduces any building resentment from being cast in a “housewife” role. Yesterday I even went so far as to mix up beauty products for my skincare regimen!
  2. Attend an artist’s way meetup locally. I signed up awhile ago, but I was confused as they also promote classes on the subject with fees far beyond my means. They do have a social-only group, and I will go there to gently connect.
  3. Keep up my once-weekly beauty routine; I’m terrible about skipping it but people comment on how “healthy” I look after something as simple as a weekly facial and body scrub.
  4. Suck it up and go see that holistic therapist about my chronic condition. It’s worth having needles stuck in me if I can have the option of a normal life again.
  5. Insist on maintaining my walks, YWCA time and workout at home time. Exercise and reading both have salutary effects on my creative energy.