Week 9: Check in

came across this on my last artist's date

1. Did 7 out of 7 for morning pages. I prefer to handwrite, as I dig deeper, but online works out OK for a basic brain dump.

2. Yes, I did my artist’s date – I walked around Loring Park.  I also got in a walk near the rose garden yesterday. Considering a photo walk today.

3. I did experience a sort of synchronicity, that I’ll post about on my main blog – it’s a lot of omens stuff.

4. Issues I consider significant: a lot of my dreams and omen reading this week signal a period of death and powerful rebirth is imminent. I don’t know what this means, and since these changes are ultimately good but unpleasant during the process I am naturally skittish although I think this time the worst has already happened. I’m also seeing a conflict: there’s a lot of “go within” signals, combined with symbols that indicate dissatisfaction with my social life. My social life is very, very limited of late, and what I want involves relationships free of the politics and dance. I’m not sure I can get those where I live.