A list of things I love

from today's walk
  1. Crochet lace sweaters
  2. Silk
  3. Satin
  4. Chocolate chip cookies with icing stuffing
  5. Making pretzels
  6. Daria episodes
  7. The feeling of flush in my cheeks after a brisk walk
  8. Appreciating and cherishing my comforts
  9. Big, warm quilts
  10. Art noveau
  11. Gel pens
  12. Colors. Purple doors, pink-blossomed trees, tuilips and roses in rainbows
  13. Gay porn – guy on guy just makes me happy
  14. Cinnamon incense
  15. My new miniature roses
  16. The feeling I get in my abs after a really good workout
  17. The TV shows Community, Parks and Rec, and Outsourced – they all make me laugh out loud at least once an episode
  18. The character Abed on Community, especially when he turns on the hot – and his ability to just switch it off
  19. Stories by James Thurber
  20. Mark Twain’s essay on mental telegraphy; his writing on Christian Science amused me, too
  21. Perfume atomizers with the squeeze pump, old school style
  22. Fun, well-written fiction
  23. Museums
  24. The dinosaurs at Sinclair stations – I appreciate the honesty
  25. My G.O.D jar
  26. Sidewalk chalk drawings
  27. My garden
  28. A really good pedicure