Sense of Compassion: Creative U-Turns

I’ve had so many creative U-turns I can barely remember them all. Here are some of the big ones, the ones I really regret, the ones that still make me cringe:

  • Dropping out of graduate school. I was just starting to establish that yes, I belonged there even with my “common person” writing background.
  • Quitting bellydance and yoga over and over. There are reasons, but it’s still a setback every time.
  • Cutting out all the personal material from Divorcing a Real Witch. Exposing that much of myself is completely scary; while I hate the distance I’ve cultivated with people around me, it also keeps me safe. A recent and unexpected friendship blowup has also been a big setback and letting people get closer to me, as it has reinforced that deeper belief I can’t trust anyone.
  • I have been, on more than one book proposal, asked for a full by the publisher. I’ve never sent one.

My computer has scores of files from projects and ideas started, abandoned, just made for school and never used again. I really want to go through all of it and turn it all into something. I don’t want to exclude creating new stuff, I just want to give these other babies a chance at the world, too.