Sense of Compassion: Visualizing my goal

Goal: Publish the book Divorcing a Real Witch.

The book is done. I found a publisher, one way or the other. I have a printed copy in my hands, a Kindle edition to the masses and I just finished the page for my website announcing a book by Yours, Truly.  I feel relieved. Accomplished. Terrified. I ignore my fears about it not selling – doesn’t matter, it’ll get to the ones who need it somehow – and after a day or two off to take marathon photo walks and read/watch some fluff, I am back at my desk, combing through my notes for the next project. Something fun, this time. I still have the outline for Urban Wicca, and I bet I can get that into a proposal fast enough. Hm, what research can flesh this out? Maybe I can create a series of experiments in clusters within different cities. I can work that around the inevitable promotional copy and podcast stuff I have to do for DARW; it’s like acting – always have the next job lined up.