Sense of Strength: Perfect Day, as of now

I have a hard time envisioning a “perfect day” at any time, but in my life as it is now constituted – nothing goes wrong. Computers work, people show up on time, deadlines are hit.

So a perfect day for me, I manage to get up by 6 am, do my morning pages and writing minimums by 7:30, get some liquid in me and head to the Y for swimming or water aerobics by 9. I return around 11 (bus, probably) and do my morning meditations. I then enjoy a lovely lunch, and if it’s warm out, I gather my laptop and head to Northeast coffee shop for an afternoon of blogging and watching passerby, or if it’s cold out I grab a book from my never-ending stack and read.

In the evening, I go for a walk, and take my camera.

Note this perfect day involves no laundry or housecleaning.