Sense of Connection: Five favorite movies

  1. Finian’s Rainbow. Still love it, even if the last time I watched it was with a drunken asshat trying too hard to be clever.
  2. Pump up the Volume. Like the movie above, it’s about finding a way around the system, above the system – the power of imagination to overcome a crappy status quo.
  3. Black Snake Moan. Another movie about taking an unusual path to overcome the traps we built within ourselves.
  4. Ghost World. Most people focus on the “life sucks” aspect of the movie. I focus on the “this really isn’t working, I’m going to try something else now,” aspect.
  5. She’s All That. Yes, it’s partly a wish-fulfillment movie as I was Lanie Bogs growing up. But it’s also about the possibilities, both good and bad, that happen when you open up, take risks and really express yourself. Lanie was still herself at the end of the movie; the transformation had very little to do with the actual clothing.