Weekly Check in: Sense of Abundance

1. 7 out of 7 on morning pages. Between 750Words.com and my trusty notebook, I have been pouring it out pretty well.

2. My artist’s date was simply going to a local indoor park and reading a book. Yes, it was a Twilight novel. The disempowering subtexts drive me mad (seriously, motherhood is NOT the only way to be complete), but there are some truly funny bits here and there.

3. Synchronicity – a series of teachers I’ve admired for a long time have found me on various social networks.

4. Issues significant to recovery: yes. I realized that in terms of what Mike and I have, I really have contributed as much as he has to our home and our way of life. It makes me feel more sure of my footing here, even though I still find the very concept of “wife” utterly repellent.