My payoff for staying blocked is…

  • No one can rip apart my work or tell me I’m a terrible author.
  • No one can get revenge on me with a bad review. Yes, I’ve given them. I never want to give a bad review, but sometimes I find it necessary. I don’t think the people who have received such from me will be so discerning.
  • I can keep saying “I’m working on it” rather than “no publisher would take it,” or “I had to self publish.”
  • This way, I don’t have to believe in G.O.D*
  • I lack trust in the universe and the social contract; if I avoid completing a book, I avoid having to test this trust.
  • I always have something I can tell people I’m working on at parties.


*I’m a Wiccan priestess – though I hate the term “priestess” and would prefer just “priest” so I find that part of my subconscious expression really weird. But it’s in there, so let’s have a look.