10 Ways I am mean to myself

  1. I give much more than I should in my friendships
  2. I guilt trip myself over not exercising even though the days I skip are almost always for legitimate reasons based on illness and physical limitation
  3. I compare my success – or lack thereof – to others, even though I know that another person’s success is in no way interchangeable for my own
  4. I enter in relationships hoping to get some kind of emotional connection or gratification back; I never actually do
  5. I tell myself I’m too old to do things I enjoy, like go dancing
  6. I don’t let myself do things – like go dancing – by myself, and instead go with people who then restrict me with their limitations, agendas and fears
  7. I let other people take up my time on herbal consultations, tech/blog advice, etc. with no compensation for my time – and the people who take up this from me are often a real strain to deal with
  8. I eat when I know I’ll end up physically hurting
  9. I develop affections for people that are never actually mutual
  10. I agree to do things I do not want to do at all, for the sake of stuff getting done right or at least with a 50% chance of success – and I should be marshaling those skills and resources for myself

Hm, there’s a lot of pearls before swine stuff in this list. No wonder I’m disinclined to teach this Saturday – I am really tired of people asking me for what I have to offer and then behaving like complete shits.